FIT-Wi 200 winter resin for concrete and natural stone

FIT-Wi 200 winter resin for concrete and natural stone

• CE-market and ETA-approved anchor resin
• ETA option 1 approval for cracked concrete
• ETA Option 7 approval for un-cracked concrete
• For threaded rods M8-M30, classes 4.6-8.8
• Rebars 8 mm-32mm

Base materials:
• Cracked concrete
• Un-cracked concrete
• Natural stone

• Fast curing time
• Small edge distances and anchor spacing
• LEED tested, A+ emission class
• Styren free

• Facade fixings
• Fixing of steel structures
• Fixing wood
• Post-installed rebar connections
• Water filled holes
• Underwater fixings
• Bridge renovations
• Underground/tunneling applications

FIT-Wi 200 300ml
FIT-Wi 200 420 ml

Storage: -20…+25 C

Fix Master FIT-Wi 200
Base material temperature Working time Curing time*
– 20C 75 Min. 24 h
– 15 C 55 Min. 16 h
– 10 C 35 Min. 10 h
– 5C 20 Min. 5 h
0 C 10 Min. 2,5 h
+ 5 C 6 Min 80 Min.
+ 10 C 6 Min. 60 Min.
*= In wet concrete the curing time is doubled


ProdLib Design Library for designers

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DesignFix Anchor Design Software

Fix Master FIT resins can also be found from DesignFix anchoring design software
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Approval documents

Fix Master FIT-Wi 200 DoP FIN SE ENG EE LV LT
Option 1 for concrete DoP DoP DoP DoP DoP DoP